Terms and conditions

Terms of Sales

1.1 Scope of these Terms
Welcome to our Terms of Sales. These terms and conditions govern the supply of Products by us to you. This website is operated by Secure Group Lab OOD, based in Bulgaria, Aksakov 11A et. 5 ap. 3.

1.2 Definitions
“Products” denote mobile handsets, software subscriptions and accessories available for purchase on our website at simplephone.tech. “You,” “your,” or the “customer” refer to the person making a purchase.

1.3 Contact Us
If you need further information or believe there are errors in these Terms of Sales, please contact us via email at [email protected].

1.4 Communication
We may contact you via telephone or email using the information provided during your order.

2.1 Placing an Order
To order Products, use our online checkout process. This action constitutes an offer to purchase the selected Product(s).

2.2 Order Acceptance
We’ll accept your order when you receive an “Order Confirmation Email” or upon Product(s) delivery, whichever comes first.

2.3 Order Rejection
We may reject your order for reasons such as stock unavailability, discontinuation, price errors, payment issues, credit check failure, or fraud suspicion.

2.4 Order Cancellation and Refunds
If we cannot accept your order, we’ll cancel it and promptly refund any payments you made.

2.5 Order Number
For accepted orders, we’ll provide an order number, which you should reference when contacting us.

3.1 Product Prices
Product prices are displayed at checkout, except for obvious errors.

3.2 Additional Charges
Product prices exclude shipping charges (details on our website) and third-party transaction fees.

3.3 Credit/Debit Cards
International credit/debit card payments may vary due to exchange rates and foreign conversion charges. Contact your bank/card issuer for details.

3.4 Electronic Processing
We process payment information electronically for order payment and anti-fraud purposes.

3.5 Third-Party Payments
Payment processing on simplephone.tech is handled by third-party partners using SSL encryption. We don’t store or access your payment details.

4.1 Product Appearance
Product images on our website are for illustration; actual Products may slightly vary.

4.2 Product Packaging
Product packaging may differ from website images.

5.1 Product Responsibility
You’re responsible for Products once delivered to your specified address or collected by you.

5.2 Ownership Transfer
Ownership transfers upon full payment receipt.

6.1 Limited Warranty
Simple Phone Devices purchased on simplephone.tech are covered by Simple Phone limited warranty from the delivery date.

6.2 Defect Coverage
The Limited Warranty covers original hardware components and defects caused by workmanship or build materials.

6.3 Original Country
Limited Warranty applies within your original country or region of purchase.

6.4 Warranty Claims
To claim, provide proof of purchase, Product model, serial number, and defect photos to Simple Phone Customer Service.

6.5 Repairs and Replacements
Covered repairs, replacements, and shipping are free during the Limited Warranty period.

6.6 Parts and Components
Repairs may use rebuilt, reconditioned, or new parts/components. We may replace defective Products with similar items.

6.7 After Sales
We offer after-sales assistance in our shipment areas and accept no liability for orders outside official sales regions.

6.8 Warranty Periods
Limited Warranty periods for our Products are detailed below:

6.9 Statutory Rights
The Limited Warranty doesn’t affect your statutory rights under the law.

7.1 Not Covered by Warranty
The Limited Warranty excludes:

(a) Software, consumables, and accessories. (b) Damage from accidents, misuse, abnormal use, environmental factors. (c) Cosmetic damage unless caused by Us. (d) Damage from excessive force or use of metallic objects. (e) Altered or removed serial numbers. (f) Ordinary wear and tear. (g) Use with unapproved accessories. (h) Faults from improper service or adjustment. (i) Damage from external causes. (j) Signal issues, viruses, software problems. (k) Products not purchased from authorized sources. (l) Products outside official regions. (m) Unofficial repairs.

8.1 Cancellation
We strive to fulfill orders, but may cancel if legally required, fraud is suspected, or you don’t provide essential information.

9.1 When You Can Act
You can cancel, return, or request replacements under these circumstances:

9.2 Change of Mind
You can return Products within thirty (30) days from delivery, in reasonable condition, and original packaging, with return costs borne by you.

10.1 Exclusions
This section excludes Limited Warranty and change of mind returns. Refer to sections 6 (Warranty Policy) and 7 (Limited Warranty Exclusions) and section 9.4 for those cases.

10.2 Initiating Returns
Contact us with problem details and why you consider the Product defective, damaged, or different. Our customer service will guide you.

10.3 Refunds
If a refund is due after inspection, we’ll process it within fourteen (14) days from your cancellation notice.

10.4 Refusal of Returns
Returns may be refused for misuse, neglect, physical damage, tampering, wear, incorrect installation, or custom Products.

10.5 Product Condition
To qualify for a refund or replacement, devices must be undamaged, in “as new” condition, ideally with original packaging.

10.6 Time Limits
Contact us within thirty (30) days for repair, replacement, or refund options. After thirty (30) days, contact us for further assistance.

10.7 Statutory Rights
This policy does not affect your statutory rights.

11.1 Dispatch
Orders typically ship within two (2) business days, with potential delays during promotional events.

11.2 Delivery Regions
We deliver to regions listed on our website.

11.3 Delivery Process
Products are delivered to your specified address with required recipient presence.

11.4 Inspection
We inspect and seal all Products before delivery to prevent damage.

11.5 Status Updates
We’ll email order status updates. Orders cannot be canceled once “Shipped.”

11.7 Shipping Restrictions
Additional charges may apply to remote addresses.

11.8 Delivery Timing
We’ll provide estimated delivery dates and confirm them with you.

11.9 Mail Forwarding
Avoid mail forwarding companies, as we cannot track shipments after they reach these companies.

12.1 Ownership
These terms don’t grant any rights to trademarks, copyrights, patents, or other intellectual property.

13.1 Ownership
We own or have the right to use all intellectual property on our website for personal, non-commercial use.

13.2 Website Disclaimer
Our website is provided “as is,” and we make no guarantees about its availability, uninterrupted use, or error-free operation.

15.1 Exceptions
These terms don’t exclude liability for things that cannot be excluded under the law, such as personal injury, fraud, or breaches of statutory rights.

15.2 Responsibility
We’re responsible for foreseeable losses resulting from our breach of these terms, but not for unforeseeable losses or business-related damages.

16.1 Transfers
We may transfer our rights and obligations to another organization.

16.2 Your Transfers
You can only transfer your rights or obligations with our written consent.

17.1 Updates
We reserve the right to update these terms without prior notice. You’ll be bound by the version in force when you make a contract.

17.3 Required Changes
We may make necessary changes due to applicable laws or regulations or if you’re informed in advance and don’t reject them.

18.1 Severability
If any part of these terms is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, it will be modified or deleted to the minimum extent necessary. The rest of the terms remain valid.

18.2 Inurement
These terms bind the parties and their heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns.

18.3 Enforcement Delay
Our delay in enforcing these terms doesn’t prevent us from enforcing them later.

18.4 Third-Party Rights
This contract is between you and us. No third party has rights to enforce its terms.

18.5 Force Majeure
Neither party is liable for delays or failures due to force majeure events beyond their control.

18.6 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These terms are governed by Netherlands law.

18.7 Notices
You can contact us through our website. We’ll notify you through our website, email, or postal mail.

18.8 Confirmation in Writing
Any changes to these terms should be confirmed in writing.